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Books by Melanie Corona

A Friendship's Love


Released: August 26th, 2013


Filled with the dreams of youth, and surrounded by the love of her family and friends, Payton Martin’s world was simple. When someone closest to her is cruelly betrayed and unjustly sent away, life afterwards proves never to be the same for everyone involved, beginning a series of events beyond her control. Somehow, through the years that follow, Payton manages to deal with the heartache of loss and rejection, all while balancing her new situation, and becoming her own woman.



Finally settled into a life that she could only once imagine, Payton is content; especially when the promise of love is presented by someone she admires and trusts. Nothing ever goes to plan, though. Once again she is faced with surviving circumstances, and choices others make on her behalf. This time, they ultimately take her across the ocean, to settle in a harsh new land.

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A Love of Conviction

Released: June 30th


Eliza Taylor was convicted and transported for the crime of stealing. She suffers being put in chains, locked up and degraded, to the point where life holds no meaning. Kept prisoner in the dark hold of a ship, bound for a penal colony, Eliza is at the mercy of men, who at every turn, threaten to use her to their advantage. That is of course, until fate lands her at the feet of Lord William Townshend. His kindness and loyalty capture Eliza's heart.


Oblivious to her growing feelings, William continues his journey on a quest for another woman, one he'd set his heart on marrying when he was a young man. When the winds of change reveal that his feelings may be turning her way, Eliza doubts her battered and wounded spirit will have enough strength to survive falling in love. Eliza comes to face obstacles she never dreamed she would face, but is determined to conquer them in order to gain her freedom. But the cost of her freedom is high, and the villainous sergeant in charge will do everything in his power to use her for his own vengeful purposes...

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Treasured Land


Coming Summer 2014!


When gold rush fever strikes in a Crown Colony, Brigid Griffin travels with her enterprising father two months by boat to get there, to try and make a new and better life. Upon arrival, Brigid’s father places her in the care of a migrating family, while he takes on the life of a digger. When her father falls gravely ill, he asks her to do one thing for him, pushing Brigid to choose between comfort and security, or adventure. If she doesn’t do what her father asks of her, she could lose everything...including him.


After being thrown in jail, Nathaniel O'Connor comes out of the experience bitter and determined to take for himself what he feels Brigid’s father has stolen from him. The only thing standing between him and his goal, is headstrong Brigid’s desire to obtain the deed to the land claim, he wants.


Forced to work together, for reasons of their own, Brigid and Nathaniel embark on the journey of a lifetime, traveling across the vast, unexplored countryside, facing dangers that draw them together, and making friends that could change their outlook on life, forever.


But sometimes what the heart needs and what the heart wants are two different things and each have a choice to make--to give up the claim they have on each other, or their connection to the Treasured Land.



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